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Antidote Chocolate

Antidote Chocolate

Long Island City, New York

Antidote chocolate bars are made sustainably from “bean to bar” with a unique 50/50 blend of RAW & roasted organic cacao for optimum taste and high nutrition. The cacao is organic certified, and we are paying a premium price to farmers protecting them, the environment, and wildlife.  They use very little whole (unrefined) cane sugar, which is what makes Antidote a powerful superfood, even though it tastes like a yummy treat. Each bar is organic, vegan and gluten-free.

All of the packaging is designed to be practical, inspiring, sustainable and beautiful as you may enjoy an Antidote bar over several days. 

Seeing red, feeling blue? There is an Antidote for that. Antidote Chocolate was created to offer relief from drama.  It is a powerful treat for weak moments.  It is a way to enjoy good times. Antidote is also a remedy to low-quality chocolate that has too much sweetener or refined sugar and dairy, which are in conflict with releasing the health benefits of cacao.  However, cacao is extremely powerful and nutrient-rich, which makes it a natural antidote to the stresses of everyday life. Due to Antidote's high cacao content, organic ingredients and use of raw cacao it is most potent. Each chocolate has 5 "A"ttibutes or the 5 a's for Anti-oxidants, Anti-depressant, Anti-stress, Appetite suppressant, Aphrodisiac.  

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