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A&B American Style

A&B American Style

Brooklyn, New York

Our Pepper Sauce is a great, all-natural, replacement for your existing hot sauce, cocktail sauce or even ketchup. Though we think it's amazing on everything you eat, it's especially mind-blowing on oysters, shrimp, eggs and burgers.

We make our pepper sauce because we love our product and we love our customers, but we do this for even bigger reasons than that.

We believe that we can effect real change in the world with our company (look at that attention to detail with the grammar). We believe we can create jobs that people want. We believe that we can create innovative solutions to problems we don’t have yet. We believe that we can improve the way our fellow Americans eat.

If we didn’t believe these things, we would focus our energy somewhere else. It is said that nothing worthwhile is easy. What we do is not easy. So, that’s a good start.

Expect us to talk about the importance of quality farms. Expect us to talk about the drought of flavor that happens when real produce gets treated with chemicals to preserve it. Expect us to talk about how obesity is a preventable and treatable disease. Expect us to talk about long-term impacts of our actions.

A&B American Style does the best we can to make choices for the long-term benefit of our customers and our planet so that we can continue to make our high-quality products for a long time.

We aren’t just starting a Pepper Sauce company. We have a bigger mission than that, guided by the following: 1.) We recognize that we are part of a much bigger organism than ourselves and we make decisions that optimize the entire system rather than any one individual. 2.) We believe that by thinking about the larger system, we can create an impact much larger than our current stature.

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