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    Tassot Apiaries

    Tassot Apiaries

    Milford, New Jersey

    Jean-Claude Tassot and his wife, Beatrice, have been avid bee-lovers since they were growing up in France. When they came to the U.S. in 1997, they continued their favorite hobby and were shocked at how much honey one hive could produce at their home in New Jersey. So, they started selling their abundance of honey at a local farm stand and, to the Tassots’ delight, community members quickly bought up their entire stock.

    Tassot Apiaries, Inc. has since expanded to 160 hives throughout New Jersey, but it remains an entirely family-run business. They specialize in raw, chemical free, high quality honey and bee products. Tassot’s long-lasting, pure beeswax candles have the delicious light aroma of honey and their handcrafted, natural soaps are offered in various natural fragrances. Tassot Apiaries also produce a prize winning raw honey that is locally harvested, unfiltered, and unheated.

    Beatrice is determined to educate the public about the essential role bees play. She wants everyone to realize that honeybee swarms or hives found in and around the home need to be collected by a beekeeper — many of whom advertise this service — and not killed. She also wants to connect new beekeepers to established mentors.

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