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    Ruby Bay Seafood

    Ruby Bay Seafood

    Brooklyn, New York
    Still family-owned and operated, Acme's history dates back to the early 1900's when Harry Brownstein arrived in Brooklyn, NY. He came to New York from Russia and found a job as a "wagon jobber". After years of  picking up fish from a smokehouse and delivering to small city grocers on his horse-drawn wagon, Harry began to smoke his own fish. Now, Acme is a business passed down three generations to his grandsons Eric and Robert Caslow and Mark and Gary Brownstein. Though much has changed since Harry built his business the family is still goes to great lengths to make sure their product is made from the finest and freshest quality and still smoked the original way. The wild caught Alaskan salmon is smoked slowly for hours using cherry and alder wood giving it an “intense, aromatic and mildly woodsy taste.”

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